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New Video: NYE 2014-15

Exciting news! Our buddy Jeffrey Neubauer has finished his edit of our New Years Eve recap and it looks tasty! Check it out below. There is also good news for those of you looking forward to hearing the compilation album from the NYE show. We just got the first round of mixes back from Chuck Goodwin at Sinik Sound! We'll be combing through them to make any adjustments and then we're off to mastering, duplication, and then it's in your ears! We seriously can't wait.

This piece was shot by Jeffrey Neubauer and Tessla Hastings. Edited by Jeffrey Neubauer 

Encouragement & Support

We're still reeling from the overwhelming response to our Wakarusa 2015 announcement. It was literally all we could do to contain ourselves when we found out that we were going to be heading to the Ozarks for the first time! 

There we are, fourth line from the bottom, and third name from the right. Yeehaw!

Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement and positivity! As I've said in previous posts, we're in one helluva squeeze trying to get our new album wrapped up, and we're looking down the barrel of a huge summer of travel to places we've never been! It's as exciting as it is terrifying, and the support you've all expressed means more than you know! Here is a snippet of fan mail we got yesterday from a young woman named Taylor P. It really warmed us up inside:

"I know you most likely get a million messages a day because you are just that amazing, but I can't even begin to explain the love I have for you guys. It is unreal the crazy awesome vibes you give when you play. I was so super excited about going to Waka to see you this year as soon as i heard you were going to be there!!..."
"I'm sure you already know but I want to remind you that you are so talented and have a gift that can change peoples lives literally. its almost as if you had a super power. when you start playing it heals people in a hard way to explain. you are an inspiration to so many people (including me), you lift spirits, you make girls dance naked around the house like crazy:) you brighten days, make people smile and you bring happiness with the talent that not allot of people have. i love you guys. Your different and that is what makes you successful and unique. NEVER stop being you. Thank you so much for helping create a better world for us to live in with the power of your music. You'll forever have a piece of my heart<3"

Phew! If we've ever felt right about what we're doing, we're feeling it now! We are developing some pretty lofty goals for what we can eventually achieve and change with our music, but sometimes the size of the issues we face as a band, a community, a nation, and a globe make it all seem a bit overwhelming. A small gesture like this is huge for stoking our fire for the future, so the moral of the story is:

NEVER underestimate how kind words, or good tunes, or positive vibes can change someone's situation for the better. Do something good for someone today and it'll come back to you.



The Squeeze

It's a Monday night in mid January and we're feeling it. The Squeeze, that is. Not all of us are available to practice, but the deadline for finishing our new album is looming, so we got together as many as we could to run over the two new tunes we started last week.

Matt (left) and Garrett (right) play through the structure of a new tune while Steve (center) jots down lyrical ideas for the chorus.

The process of writing new music has always been an interesting process for us with so many cooks in the kitchen. We try our hardest to write 100% collaboratively, but with six or seven of us sitting in a room at any given time, it can be slow going. Inevitably, conflicts arise and egos get bruised. It's just one of those risks we take when we open up and put our souls into our work. If we dare to let ourselves get out there and be truly creatively vulnerable, we're bound to get stung once in a while. Plus, we've got to be willing to be shut down in order to open our minds, gain new perspective and write the best music we possibly can. There's no room or time for anything less. 

That said, we've been getting better and better at surrendering to the flow, letting our personal attachments and preconceived notions go, and just making music that we love. A year ago, writing two new songs in the span of one rehearsal would have been unheard of. But not in 2015. We're a different band that we were last week, let alone last year. We're obviously not perfect, but we're making moves because that's the only thing we can do as we surrender to the pressure of what is on the horizon for our coming year.

We'll be back at it with the full band tomorrow night, hashing out the ideas that were presented tonight, and pushing ever closer to finishing an album of new work. Appropriately titled, "The Squeeze."

We'll be posting updates to this blog frequently along the way, so subscribe and stay tuned here, and follow us on Instagram & Twitter (@CureFTCommon).



Spring Forward

2015 is shaping up to be a great year for our organization. We've got a series of big announcements on the horizon, and we're overjoyed to be starting with this one:

Yes, you read that right. We're playing on the same stage, on the same day as some of our greatest musical heroes, Snarky Puppy! If you haven't heard of Snarky Puppy, might I suggest you sprint to the nearest computer and take a good, long listen.

Giddy doesn't even begin to describe this feeling, and there are more big announcements coming soon. Hold on to your hats, and let us know where you want us to play on this tour! We'll be there.

Past, Present, & Future

Well, it's safe to say we started the New Year off with a bang. Or dozens of bangs, rather. At least those hundreds of balloons that Frank and Jesse single-handedly inflated by a feat of sheer lung strength were good for something.


Oh, 2015. Hey. You're up early. What's going on? I'll tell you what's going on.

1. It's time to pump out an album. We've been hard at work preparing our practice space to become the epicenter of musical creation. The recording studio of doom, as our producer, Jesse Barney, might say. Inside, we'll have the better part of two months to write, record, and rerecord the material that will make up CFTC's third studio release, and the first featuring our newest member, Steve Brown on vocals & percussion.

2. It's time to drive around the Rockies in a big van pulling a big trailer. Buckle up. A couple tours are already under our belt, and the fun will soon return at the end of this month. Check out our TOUR DATES! More are being added every day.

3. We've got some huge announcements coming up. You literally won't be able to miss them they're so large and cumbersome. One of them happens tomorrow! Get stoked.

That's all for now. Sleep tight, friends.